Educating Clients About Financial Planning

The topic of Financial Planning can cause tremendous anxiety for people who aren't sure where to start. It can cause similar anxiety for people who've started, but aren't sure what their next steps are.

"We believe the financial planning process is the path to feeling liberated and secure through knowledge about where your money goes and how it grows."
Team Wanek
Justin Wanek Team
Justin Wanek and Alexx Kendall

About Justin Wanek:

Justin Wanek's drive to help his clients build holistic financial plans is what brought him to Northwestern Mutual. Justin and his team collaborate with their clients every day and use world-class solutions to help them protect and build the most important things in their financial lives.

Justin has been helping his clients plan for their futures since 2006. Educating people and helping them on their journey to financial independence is what led Justin to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.

Justin Wanek's dedication to his clients has allowed him to be recognized as part of the Top 2% of all Insurance and Financial Planning professionals in the world in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table association.

Outside of work, Justin spends his time with friends and family. His incredible passion for the outdoors, and traveling with his wife keep him busy with any time away from work.

Tomorrow is Important, But Life is Happening Now

Talking about finances can be overwhelming, so Justin Wanek and his team are here to help simplify the conversation. Here's what else you can expect when you work with Team Wanek:

  • A judgment-free, pressure-free environment
  • A financial partner who understands your big picture
  • Jargon-free conversations
  • Help seeing you financial blind spots and ways to account for them
  • Answers to the questions you have, and ones you never knew you had

Learn more about how working with Justin Wanek, and Northwestern Mutual as a whole will help you reach your goals:


An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a type of security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a group of assets.

There are thousands of ETF options, from traditional investments to alternative assets like commodities and currencies. An ETF trades similarly to a stock on an exchange, so ETF share prices go up and down throughout the day, as they are bought and sold.

5% of U.S. households hold ETFs. Investment Company institute 2016


Depending on you investment goals, ETFs can be used to gain exposure to nearly all types of asset classes. Justin Wanek can help you navigate ETF options to determine how they might fit into your portfolio.


ETFs may be good for investors looking for more passive, liquid investments that track a specific benchmark, or who don't meet the minumum amounts for mutual funds. ETFs may not be good for individuals who aren't comfortable with risk or paying commissions on each transaction

How to Combine Finances With a Partner

Justin D Wanek, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, CLTC®

Wealth Management Advisor

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